While the Equality March for Unity and Pride encourages anyone to host a Solidarity event in which mission and vision of the Equality March is a focal point. There is no official or legal relationship between the Equality March for Unity and Pride and the Solidarity Events around the country and world. These solidarity events reflect the vibrant, organic, grassroots nature of this movement. We appreciate the global demonstration of solidarity and urge people to support their local pride organizations.

Solidarity Events Can Be:

  • Marches
  • Rallies
  • Festivals
  • Meet ups
  • Lobby Days
  • Other community-based events

We do ask that wherever possible, organizers of Solidarity Events do the following:

  • Register your event with the Equality March (details below), by registering your event, you agree to have your event listed on our website, equalitymarch2017.org and included in the event listing and all March related publicity where appropriate.
  • Events are community driven and equitably accessible by all community members.
  • Focused on raising awareness of the Equality March for Unity and Pride and the movement.
  • Solidarity event organizers, are welcome to use the Equality March’s logo and branding, provided they agree to maintain the integrity of the Equality March’s, brand standard.
  • Collect names and emails of event attendees. Send any lists back to the Equality March.


  • Set-up a Facebook Event and or Website for your event.
  • Fill out the online registration form here
  • Once we receive you information, your events will be added to the Solidarity Event page with in 48 hours.