Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Equality March national organizing team values and encourages the inclusion of people with disabilities. We are working to provide an accessible event and experience for disabled marchers coming to Washington, D.C.

Please scroll down the page to find information Getting Around DC, Arriving for the March, Accessibility and Accommodation Services and the LGBTQ+ Deaf & Disability Platform. CLICK HERE for an accessible version of the March route and Rally site map.

Getting Around DC

Accessible Tourist Guides

  • Destination DC:
  • Gimp on the Go:
  • Wheelchair Travel:

Scooter, Wheelchair and Mobility Rental

  • Scootaround:
  • Lenox Medical Supply:
  • Express Mobility Services:

Accessible Transit

  • DC Metro:
    • Bus:
    • Rail:
    • Metro Accessibility:
    • Metro Elevator and Escalator Status and Alert Check:

Accessible Taxi

  • Website:
  • Call 1-202-398-0500
  • Download mobile app
    • Apple:
    • Android:

Yellow Paratransit

  • Website:
  • Call 1-202-544-1213
  • Download mobile app, Curb (Taxi Magic)
    • Apple:
    • Android:

Arriving for the March

You should plan to arrive for the start of the March between 9:00 a.m. and 10:00 a.m. for line up.  The March line up is between Farragut Square and McPherson Square in Downtown Washington, D.C.

If you are arriving by DC Metro it opens at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday and the Farragut North, Farragut West and McPherson Square stations are all equally close to the start of the March. The DC Metro has been undergoing some station service repairs during the summer of 2017, you may want to check on station escalator and elevator servicing and repair status and accessibility.

If you plan to go directly to the March Rally site on the Capitol Mall the ADA Tent and ADA Seating section will be open by 11:00 a.m. For traveling by DC Metro the closest stations are the Archives Navy Memorial-Penn Quarter, L’Enfant Plaza and Federal Center SW stations. The March Rally site is located between Madison Drive SW and Jefferson Drive SW from 7th Street SW to 3rd Street SW.

Accessibility and Accommodation Services

The Equality March for Unity and Pride is providing an accessible experience for all of our participants:

  • Water Stations and Accessible Restrooms will be located at McPherson Square, Farragut Square, Pershing Square and near the Capitol Mall on both Madison Drive SW and Jefferson Drive SW between 4th street SW and 3rd Street SW.
  • Accessible shuttles will follow the rear of the March procession, space is first come-first serve and boarding is located at the intersection of 14th Street NW and I (EYE) Street NW.
  • Cooling buses with accessible lifts will be located at the Rally site on the Capitol Mall along Madison Drive SW between 4th Street SW and 3rd Street SW.
  • March Marshalls will be available throughout the march to help the needs of participants with disabilities and give directional information.
  • ADA Tents will be located at Farragut Square and the Rally site at 4th Street SW and Capitol Mall. These tents will provide shaded resting with chairs, extra water, juice and snacks for people who experience low blood sugar and masks for chemical sensitivity disability.
  • First Aid Tents will be located in Farragut Square for the start of the March and near the ADA Tent at Madison Drive SW and 4th Street SW at the Rally Site. Also roving bicycle medics will be traveling with the March procession.
  • ADA Seating is available in front of the Rally stage on the Capitol Mall near 3rd Street SW, entry is on the north side. Seating is first come-first serve and priority is given to people with disabilities plus one attendant per person.
  • American Sign Language interpretation will be provided on the Rally stage and in the ADA seating section near the front.
  • Live Captions will be provided by CART Streamtext Link.  You can watch live captions on your smart phone browser at the event or on your computer at home by clicking on this link:
  • Audio Description for participants who are blind and low vision will be provided in the ADA Seating Section near the Rally Stage.  You may check out a headset around 11:00 a.m..  Audio Description services have been donated by the Washington Ear
  • Simultaneous Translation from English to Spanish will be available near the front of the rally by the stage.  You may check out a headset around 11:00 a.m. La traducción del inglés al español estará disponible cerca del frente del rally por el escenario. Usted puede retirar un auricular alrededor de las 11:00 a.m.

LGBTQ+, Disability & Deaf Platform:

We affirm that the intersection of the disability, Deaf and LGBTQ+ civil rights movements are forever connected because they have a common history, experience and leadership. Together we share the need to break barriers, to fight for inclusion and independence and to protect the rights we have achieved. Our diversity crosses all lines of race, age, gender, ethnicity, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, political affiliation, social status, education, economics and faith: we are students, workers, parents, spouses and partners, taxpayers, veterans, worshipers, idealists, your family, your neighbors and more.

We affirm the right of people with disabilities, Deaf persons and LGBTQ+ individuals to have:

  • self-determination over our bodies, decisions and expression of our identities whether they are visible or invisible;
  • a life free of fear, intimidation, discrimination or fatal harm from our fellow citizens including police and other authorities;
  • access to an affordable and accessible healthcare, including mental health;
  • access to transition from institutionalization and long-term supports for community living;
  • an equal, quality and non-segregated education with accommodations;
  • jobs, workplace accommodations and equal pay;
  • communication across barriers whether person –to-person or through technology
  • a private vote and engage in the political process
  • to roam freely, travel and enter buildings in their cities, states and across the nation without barriers;
  • sexual independence and respect for our relationships with the persons we choose to love.  

We affirm the universal call for freedom for our disabled, Deaf and LGBTQ+ siblings in social justice around the globe seek inclusion, agency, equality, and an independent quality of life.